Costco Paleo Bars (Primal Protein Bar Review)

Today we overview Costco Paleo Bars and find out whether or not they are worth purchasing for your paleo diet!

Pricing and Quanity of The Bars

According to, you can get a 20 count box of bars for $15.18 which makes each bar cost around $.75 cents per bar. I also went to Amazon and saw that price of the bars was significantly marked up so if you do end up buying them, get them directly from Costco.


Let’s take a closer look at what ingredients make up these bars.

The screenshot I took is a bit blurry so I will list out each ingredient below the picture then discuss which parts I like and dislike.

Nutrtition Facts

While the label reads organic, grain-free, and paleo, that certainly doesn’t automatically make these bars the optimal choice when it comes to paleo protein bars.

However, when observing the other options of bars that Costco offers, these bars certainly seem to be a better option.

While the fat amount of 19 grams certainly doesn’t bother me, I’m not sure where the fat is actually coming from.

I’m assuming the fat comes mostly from the cheapest ingredient possible in this bar, Almonds.

Unfortunately, Almonds prove to have an extraordinarily high Omega 6:3 ratio, even higher than vegetable oil.

Almonds contain a 2010.8 : 1 ratio while Canola oil contains a 2 : 1 ratio.

With that being said, the fat content in these bars mostly comes from substances that lead to tons of inflammation and fatigue within the body.

Carbohydrate count being 14 grams is not terribly excessive but for such a small bar I’m guessing that there would need to be a lot of sweetener in order to jack the bar up to that level of carbs.

Protein count being only 6 grams seems pretty weak for a protein bar snack as well.

Overall, these bars seem pretty weak for what they could be if some of the sugar was replaced with more high-fat nuts like Macadamia nuts and some more coconut shavings.

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