Best Paleo Camping Food To Eat in 2021

The Paleo diet has been around for a few years now, but if you haven’t heard of it yet, Paleo essentially means eating like a caveman.

What does this actually mean?  It’s pretty straightforward – no grains, no sugar, and no processed food.  That doesn’t leave much to work with when your brain is screaming at your taste buds for something that isn’t Paleo-friendly.  The Paleo campers suggest eating Paleo-style when you’re out camping to fend off the urge to overindulge in the processed foods, but also so you can stay healthy during your outdoor adventure.

The first food that Paleo dieters are told to look at is vegetables.  There are Paleo-friendly options for most veggies, but the Paleo campers suggest sticking more towards greens than root vegetables.

Artichoke – It can be boiled, steamed, or roasted over a fire.

Asparagus – You can boil or roast it with your Paleo meal

Brussel Sprouts – Roast them in the hot coals of a Paleo-friendly fire

Cabbage – This is one Paleo veggie that you should avoid if it is going to be served boiled

Celery – Paleo campers suggest eating Paleo-friendly celery raw or steamed

Cucumber – Eat Paleo cucumbers as a Paleo snack or with Paleo salad dressing made from olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Eggplant – Paleo campers love to eat Paleo eggplant raw or Paleo eggplant Parmesan

Green Beans – Paleo green beans are Paleo camping food that is easy to prepare on a stick over the Paleo fire.

Next are the top fruits that you should eat if you’re on a paleo diet here is a list:

Avocado – Paleo campers love to take Paleo avocados with them on hikes because they’re delicious and easy to carry

Banana – Paleo bananas are Paleo camping food that you can eat raw or Paleo banana bread.  Paleo bananas are also easy to carry around.

Clementine – Clementines make a great Paleo snack because they’re easy to peel and easy to carry

Kiwi – Paleo campers suggest Paleo kiwis in a Paleo smoothie

Mango – Mangos are Paleo camp food that is cooked on sticks or Paleo chopped mango salad.  The Paleo campers enjoy eating Paleo mango for desert after their Paleo meal.

Orange – Paleo oranges are Paleo camping food that Paleo campers love.

Papaya – Paleo papayas are Paleo camping food that is Paleo fruit salad or Paleo papaya smoothie.  The Paleo campers usually eat Paleo papayas raw or cooked on a stick over the fire.

Peach – Paleo peaches are some of the most Paleo camping foods because they can be eaten raw or Paleo peach pie.  The Paleo campers like Paleo peaches with Paleo granola for breakfast.

Pear – Paleo pears can be Paleo fruit salad or Paleo pear smoothie.  Paleo pears are easy to eat and carry around in your backpack.  They also make a Paleo refreshing Paleo dessert.

Pineapple – Paleo pineapples are Paleo camping food that Paleo campers eat the Paleo way or the cooked on a stick over Paleo fire.  The Paleo campers also love to put Paleo pineapple in their Paleo smoothie.

Plum – Plums can be eaten raw, but often the Paleo campers will cook Paleo plums over Paleo fire for desert after their Paleo meal.

Raspberry – Raspberries are Paleo fruit salad or Paleo raspberry smoothie

Strawberry – Berries such as raspberries and strawberries make great Paleo snacks and can be eaten raw.  They’re also Paleo camping food that the Paleo campers Paleo strawberries with Paleo granola for Paleo breakfast.

Watermelon – Paleo watermelons are Paleo camping food that you can eat Paleo-style or Paleo watermelon salad.  The Paleo campers Paleo watermelon smoothie.  Paleo watermelon is easy to carry when you’re hiking and it’s tasty when eaten hot or cold.

Next is a list of different meats and animals that you should eat if you’re on the paleo diet:

Alaskan king crab – Crab is on the list of Paleo meats and animals because it can be cooked easily over a fire

Bacon – Bacon is one of the best meats on the paleo diet, but it’s also one of the most fattening.  Cook some Paleo bacon on a stick for your Paleo camping food.

Beef jerky – Beef jerky is one of the easiest meats to carry for Paleo campers, but it can be expensive.  Cooking beef over a fire with some salt and pepper will give you Paleo beef jerky that tastes great!

Caribou meat – Caribou meat can be cooked easily over your fire with salt and pepper.

Duck – Duck meat can be cooked easily over your fire with salt and pepper.  It’s similar to chicken but tastes a little different.

Eggs – Eggs are Paleo-friendly because they don’t have any carbs or sugar.  Some people will cook their eggs on a stick for Paleo camping food and eggs over easy and hard and scrambled.  Paleo campers also like to make Paleo breakfast burritos with their eggs.

Fish – Fish is one of the top meats on the paleo diet.  Cook your fish over your fire for some tasty Paleo camping food!

Grilled Chicken is one of the best meats to take on camping trips.  You can eat it alone or mix it with some Paleo mayonnaise for a tasty chicken salad.  Grilled chicken can also be used in wraps or salads or it can be cooked into Paleo curry dishes.

Ground beef – Ground beef comes from the ground meat that you get when you butcher your own animals.  Make sure your game is all grass-fed and organic so your Paleo camping food is tasty and healthy.

Kangaroo meat – Kangaroo is a great animal to eat while you’re on the Paleo diet because it’s so low in fat.  You can cook kangaroo meat just like any other meats with salt and pepper over a fire or grill.

Ostrich meat – Ostrich meat is very lean and tastes great on the Paleo diet.  Cook ostrich meat over your fire with some salt and pepper to enjoy Paleo camping food that you’ll think about long after your trip!

Snails – Snails are another meat that’s good for the Paleo diet because they’re low in fat.  You can cook your snails with some vegetables and make a tasty Paleo stir fry.

Turkey meat – Turkey meat is another great source of protein for the Paleo diet.  Cook it with salt and pepper over your fire to enjoy this healthy animal Paleo camping food.

Venison/Deer meat – Venison or deer meat is low in fat, but it’s very tasty.  Cook your venison over you fire with salt and pepper to cook Paleo camping food that will fill you up!

And finally, don’t forget the animals that scurry under rocks or burrow in the dirt because they make great Paleo snacks while you’re out on your trip.

Next on the list is nuts, here are the top paleo nuts that you should eat on your camping trip.

Almonds – Almonds are the best because they’re so versatile. You can eat them plain or flavored, salted or unsalted.

Brazil nuts – Brazil nuts are next on the list of good Paleo snacks to take camping because they taste great and have a fatty acid called Selenium that fights cancer.

Cashews – Cashew nuts are the best Paleo nuts because they contain monosaturated fat, which slows down the aging process.  They also taste great and can be used in stir fry dishes or just eaten plain.

Macadamia nuts – Macadamia nuts are high in fiber and full of vitamin C, which fights off infections and keeps your immune system in top shape.  Macadamias taste great and they’re one of the best nuts for Paleo camping food options.

Pecans – Pecans are the sweetest nut on this list, but they also keep you healthy by fighting off heart disease and cancer.  They’re delicious mixed with other nuts like Brazil, walnuts, and macadamia nuts.

Walnuts – Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids which help your brain cells to grow.  They taste great and you can eat them plain or mixed with other Paleo foods.

Pine Nuts – Pine nuts are another tasty nut that’s good for the brain.  They’re full of fiber and fatty acids that help with brain development.  You can eat them plain or mixed with other Paleo foods like dark chocolate.

Pumpkin seeds – Pumpkin seeds are great for making homemade crackers that taste great and they’re very healthy for you.  They contain lots of amino acids, which helps to build lean muscle and they also contain magnesium which you need for a healthy heart.

Sunflower seeds – Sunflower seeds are high in fiber and vitamin E, which is good for the skin and hair.  The best thing about sunflower seeds is that they come pre-shelled so you can eat them right out of your hand.

Next, we have the top paleo deserts to eat for your dessert and they include:

Almond Butter – Almond butter packs a lot of flavors and goes great with other Paleo foods especially fruits.  You can also use almond butter as a healthy oil to cook with.

Apple Cobbler – Apples are the best fruit to eat on this diet because they are high in fiber, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A.  You can make apple cobbler by cooking sliced apples in some coconut oil with raisins and cinnamon.

Apple Crisp – Apple crisp is very delicious and good for you too because it has lots of Vitamin C which keeps your immune system healthy.   To make an Apple Crisp put peeled apples in a bowl, add some raisins and cinnamon, then top it with crushed walnuts.  Then bake your Apple Crisp in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apple Pie – When you crave pie on Paleo camping food ideas, just slice up some apples and put them in a pan with some coconut oil, raisins, water, and cinnamon.  Bake your Apple Pie for 15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Banana Bread – Banana bread is one of the best Paleo desert/snack option because it tastes amazing and has lots of fiber which fights heart disease and keeps you healthy by removing toxins from your colon.

So there you have it, the top paleo foods to eat when camping!

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