Paleo Meal Delivery Services

Guess what? You can have paleo meals delivered to your door! Sticking to a paleo diet has never been easier. Here is our list of the top paleo meal delivery services in your area. Don’t let not having time to cook deter you from being healthy. Check out the companies below.

Provenance: Beautiful and Yummy

Provenance is one of the most modern meal delivery services around. They source local and organic ingredients and focus on building meals and meal plans that support health and detoxification. They offer paleo and vegan options, and the meals are so flavorful and unique. They also use compostable and sustainable packaging. If you have the money, let Provenance feed you.

Sample meal: Portobello Mushroom Rueben 

Where: Nationwide

Cost: $198 per a 3 day program

Caveman Chefs: Allergy-Friendly

Caveman chefs are serious about the paleo diet! All of their meals follow the API. AIP is short for the Autoimmune Protocol Diet, also known as the Autoimmune Paleo Diet. It was developed to reduce inflammation and ease symptoms of autoimmune disorders. With health in mind, they also create delicious meals to choose from, and they are a tad more affordable than the company listed above. 

Sample meal: Pepper Grilled Grassfed Wagyu Steak

Where: Nationwide

Cost: $165/12 meal trial


Eatology strives to create paleo meals that taste like cheat meals. Meals are tasty, beautiful and nutritious. Eatology remakes comfort foods with healthy wholesome ingredients. Weightloss and health has never been so easy. 

Sample meal: Jalapeno Popper Florentine Breakfast Scramble w/ Beets n Sweets

Where: Nationwide

Cost: $157/10 meals


Factor is another great paleo meal delivery service. The meals are created by professional chefs and nutritionists. The meals are high in protein and fiber and make staying paleo easy as pie. 

Sample meal: Creamy Tomato and Herb Turkey Ragu 

Where: Nationwide

Cost: $108/ 12 meals

The Green Chef

The green chef is a meal service that delivers easy to put together recipes! The meals are fresh as you cook them yourself. This involves a tad more work on your part, but if you have the time and love to cook it is definitely worth it. 

Sample meal: Peruvian Beef Bowl

Where: Nationwide

Cost: $144/12 meals

Pete’s Paleo

Pete’s paleo makes meals with seasonal ingredients! They offer a vast menu of yummy menu items. You are sure to fall in love.

Sample meal: Sage and Cherry Chicken Meatballs with Sautéed Kale and Delicata Squash

Where: Nationwide

Cost: $173/10 meals

Paleo On The Go

Paleo on the go offers paleo and autoimmune protocol diet friendly menu choices. They are delicious and include many comfort foods such as bone broth based soups and chicken pot pie! It’s perfect if you are a “meat and potato” type of eater! 

Sample meal: Turkey Tetrazzini

 Where: Nationwide

Cost: $99/ starter trial pack 

Which one will you try first? We are currently Paleo on the go! Comment your meal delivery experiences below!

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